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innovation for the journey
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PsiTek LLC:innovationfor the journey

: induction metalwaveTM cooktops

Induction cooking has been available for decades - but widespread market acceptance in the 21st century will depend on consumer education.


MetalwaveTM cooktops act like microwaves - for metal.  A sophisticated induction generator located under the cooktop launches an alternating current electromagnetic field through the glass ceramic cooktop to the cooking vessel.


Instead of interacting with water molecules like microwaves do, the e-m field magnetizes and demagnetizes ferromagnetic materials in the cooking utensil - thirty thousand times a second!


The hysteresis loss (energy required to magnetize and demagnetize the magnetic domains) heats the pot (containing iron or nickel in the metal) and not the cooktop or the surrounding air.


The energy efficiency of this cooking process is very high - over 85% from electrical power plug to hot pot!

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